Don’t lose sleep over your wedding song choices! Read my tips to make it stress-free.

It seems like choosing the songs for the wedding ceremony strikes fear into the heart of even the most organized bride or groom. You want your ceremony to be perfect, down to the last detail. So how should the ceremony music be selected? How do you ensure that it reflects your personality, without worrying that… Read more »

She asked a friend to play the music for her wedding, and then THIS happened…

When planning her wedding, a friend of the bride offered to play trumpet for the processional. It sounded like a great idea and the price was right. But, unfortunately, this very nice man didn’t really play the trumpet all that often and was extremely nervous in front of a crowd. He totally botched the song… Read more »

Do I need a sound system for my event?

Clients often ask me if they need a sound system for their wedding or event. Or more frequently, they don’t even think to ask about it since it just isn’t something they’ve thought about. Go 4 Baroque is committed to providing the best service possible for your event, and with over 20 years of experience… Read more »

What is the most important element in setting the mood for your wedding? Music, of course!

But, how do you choose and hire musicians for your wedding? If you are already planning your wedding, you may notice that many of the wedding websites are very visually oriented. The photos are beautiful and much is written about color and design. But, let’s not neglect the audio aspect of your wedding. It’s more… Read more »